By Louisa Else, Tax Practice Leader

Years ago I joined the Instagram famous “bullet journal” trend. As I am not the trendsetting, publicly-held-together executive or perfect mom blogger I like to imagine I could be someday, I am admittedly very sporadic in utilizing it  - except I seem to ALWAYS pull it back out for December each year. This is the time of year that I MUST be organized. Christmas dance recitals and holiday parties and friends and family gatherings somehow all have to be scheduled without double booking. I want to jot down quick memories that I’ll cherish for years. At the least, I’ll have that feeling of satisfaction that I have at least a couple of my many ducks in a row.

In our tax world, similar things are happening. We’re looking ahead to 2022 (while also fully denying how soon that is) and organizing engagement letters, request lists, and this year we’re even implementing a new practice management software to ensure we’re doing everything to make the upcoming season seamless for our team and for our clients.

Most importantly, we’re talking with our client and controller teams. We must be organized now to make sure that we don’t push things back to double up with all the many other January tasks that will come rushing in, and to make sure we’re not missing action items we could take before the end of the year that will help optimize the 2021 tax results.

Whether it’s personal, work, or the ever blending combination of both, here’s wishing all of us a smooth and joyful few weeks of the holiday season rolling into an organized New Year!

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