By Steph Breunig, HR Practice Leader

As we approach the new year, Taylor Swift’s song “Are you feeling 22” has been my ear worm for quite some time now. I’m ready to put a period on 2021 and embrace 2022. It was a rough year again and though we’ve made significant progress with the pandemic, there’s a long way to go. For Human Resources, we want to be sure we address a few things in ’22 and be aware of how the world has changed for people, the heart of our organizations.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

So many companies in our orbit have had to rely on a remote workforce, and diversity, equity and inclusion have never been more important. Your HR strategies have to be developed to promote justice and equality for all staff members. Examining your talent management processes can help you identify and avoid potential issues.

Remote Workplaces

What was once thought a temporary solution to avoiding the COVID plague has become a much longer term solution. It’s important to review and address your policies and practices to keep your remote workforce together. This is no longer just a band aid but more of a shift in your culture. Make sure you have the right tools to keep your team as the cohesive unit you need it to be.

Talent Retention

If you’ve tried to fill any open positions in the last six months, you already know this little tidbit. Keep your people! It’s a job seeker market right now so by far the best thing you can do is to keep your talent and work with your current staff to keep them on board and fulfilled. We are seeing more competitive salaries and a variety of other benefits added to help sweeten the deal. 


Whether you are feeling ’22 or not, it’s coming! The pandemic has really shaped us to be a more flexible population, and business is no different. We need to roll with changes and challenges like we’ve not had to in the past. Examine how you are working within your organization to be sure you are embracing these culture shifts and taking care of your people and what they value most. 

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