Fine Point Consulting has a well-established working relationship with Wellbe, a healthcare technology company. They currently oversee Wellbe’s cash management and forecasting. To improve their cash position, Fine Point performed a variety of analyses on cuts in current spending, provided proposed payment plan options, and conducted several what-if scenarios.

Lori Becker is the Team Administrator for Wellbe. Founder and CEO James Dias calls her the “WD-40 of the business” because she helps keep everything moving. Her job duties span from company finances to customer and patient support. Lori first worked with Fine Point Consulting in the area of accounts receivable and immediately found their help to be invaluable. “I love working with Fine Point Consulting, they are always helpful and responsive.”

She says they are experts at helping accomplish tasks that come up unexpectedly.

“If we get a late bill, Fine Point Consulting does the research for us, and if we missed something somewhere, they do the heavy lifting to find out how to make it right.”

At one point, Wellbe’s tax service company submitted a quote for a necessary service. Lori was shocked at the exorbitant cost they quoted her. Since Fine Point Consulting was included in the correspondence, they also knew the cost was too high and offered to provide the service for a fraction of the price. “We appreciate they looked out for us. They saved us a lot of money and got the job done.”

The high-level of communication Fine Point Consulting maintains has allowed the Wellbe’s key players to stay well-informed and involved. This exceptional camaraderie allowed the two companies to work together and establish an idea for a bonus plan (and new booking targets) based on an annual net increase in the Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). The idea was to determine the level of bookings required to have ARR exceed the 12-month operating budget. This was accomplished by using current ARR, churn, historical operating expense and debt service, historical ratio of subs vs. service billings, and projected increases in expense.

Recently Fine Point Consulting consulted with James and Wellbe’s lead investor to establish a five-year forecast. The results included valuable research as well as infographics of Key Performance Indicators that were presented to new investors.

Lori says whether it’s large or small, Fine Point Consulting always gets tasks done on time, even if it means working into the night or on an occasional weekend.