Tall Guy and A Grill is an award-winning catering business based out of Milwaukee that mostly caters to weddings, corporate events, and the occasional birthday or graduation party.

For the last decade, they have grown significantly to include a staff of over thirty employees. Last year, Dan Nowak, the owner and founder of Tall Guy and A Grill, knew that they needed to start implementing a better process for hiring and training the influx of employees they expected to hire to support their quickly growing business. They also recognized that they would need to update their employee handbook immediately.

“Hiring in the food industry is always a constant process; one that is tedious and requires much time interviewing and following up. Oftentimes, your efforts are in vain because the potential hire does not get back to you,” says Dan.

After deciding they needed to make some changes in their hiring processes, Dan began searching for an HR company that could help him accomplish this.

Dan is a member of a nonprofit organization called Local First Milwaukee. It was at one of the organization’s events where Dan met a new member from Fine Point Consulting who informed him that Fine Point offers incredible outsourced HR services. In order to qualify for membership with Local First Milwaukee, businesses are required to be located exclusively in Milwaukee, a perfect fit for Dan, as being local and accessible was one of his utmost priorities. “I wanted someone that I could reach out to as needed,” says Dan.

Dan considered working with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) instead, but the PEO offered far more choices and services than Tall Guy and A Grill needed. Dan preferred Fine Point because they allowed him to “mix and match” the services he needed without getting anything he didn’t need.

“Fine Point Consulting tailors to us in an a-la-cart fashion providing HR solutions that meet our exact needs."

Since deciding to work with Fine Point last year, Tall Guy and A Grill has doubled the size of their staff, working closely with Fine Point to better attract applicants through an improved Career page on their website, defining core values creating a common language around success at Tall Guy, implementing an online employment application and tracking system creating process efficiencies, refreshing job postings and creating an effective employee onboarding process. Additionally, Fine Point has taken over the resume review and screening process for Tall Guy, giving Dan and his team valuable time to focus on their business.

Dan’s favorite part about working with Fine Point is that he can tell them what his pain points are, and they build a process around it, creating exactly what his company needs. Dan says, “Fine Point Consulting provides modern solutions, convenience, and a better quality of life for my staff.”