Simple Machines, Inc., a custom ASIC company, has grown exponentially in the past six years since introducing a new architecture for rapidly changing computing demands. Simple Machines provides the full customization needed to run the most challenging applications. This includes large AI inference models, other accelerator workloads, and patented architecture to deliver the highest chip utilization possible. As the Senior Vice President of business operations, Brian Johnson has a busy schedule, especially with the immense growth Simple Machines has seen. This has necessitated some assistance in the realm of HR administration.

Brian began his search for HR help by reconnecting with a colleague he knew in the field. This colleague was from Fine Point Consulting, a company that has sponsored many events that Brian has attended.

“I knew the individuals at Fine Point Consulting were people I wanted to work with".

Brian’s experience with Fine Point at their various events gave him the confidence he needed to sign up for Fine Point’s services right away.

Since beginning their work with Fine Point Consulting over a year ago, Brian has been thrilled with the HR assistance he has received from Fine Point. The growth of Simple Machines, Inc. continues to be his focus, and with Fine Point’s help, he has seen relief with all sorts of issues.

“They are very good at tracking down benefits issues and helping with policies to prevent future HR issues”.

Brian’s favorite part of working with Fine Point is that they are fast, effective, responsive, and affordable.

As a result of Fine Point’s incredible HR assistance, Brian can continue to run Simple Machines, Inc., bringing the future of web-scale technologies to a data-driven world.