Startup Marley Medical is building a new primary care platform to enable people with specific chronic diseases to better manage their treatment from the comfort of their own homes. Too often patients are at the bottom of the healthcare system, and it’s Marely’s mission to give individuals more control and convenience — ultimately helping them achieve their long-term goals.

As co-founder and COO of Marley’s four-person team, David Hubanks has enough on his plate without managing HR and accounting administration, too. He’s a leader in charge of “making it happen” who lives within a never-ending to-do list.

David worked closely with Fine Point Consulting at his last company. He immediately knew that’s who he wanted to be Marley Medical’s partner as they set out to hit the ground running — and hit the ground running they did!

Marley Medical started with Fine Point in August 2021 and had their first payroll and other mission-critical back-office functions running just a week later. Fine Point’s industry expertise and tech knowledge enabled them to set things up quickly and correctly, ultimately wowing Marley’s investors in an early-stage meeting — and most importantly setting the company up for smooth long-term growth.

One of David’s favorite things about working with the Fine Point team is that he’s able to focus on his work while trusting them to focus on theirs.

“It’s a super high-value relationship. Fine Point really knows what they’re doing, they are incredibly detail oriented and yet they do it FAST.”

Fine Point acts as an extension of Marley Medical, integrating directly into Marley’s Slack Workspace to provide real-time accessibility that makes it feel like they’re just down the hall. Above all, they make things simple — they showed up, set up, and stand by as needs arise.