When you run a company that provides wellness and yoga teacher training, you need to be the type of person that appreciates the creation of harmony between mind, spirit, and the world.

Michael Fenchel, Co-founder and Executive Director of Breathe for Change does just that. He has sustained a devoted spiritual practice for nine years. When he and his business partner started the company, the last thing they wanted to stress about were the financial and accounting functions that go along with operating a successful business. They rightfully wanted to focus on doing what they do best – Creating a global movement of passionate wellness educators.

When making the decision to hire an accounting & HR services company, Michael was approached by a few outsourced CFO companies but ultimately chose Fine Point Consulting because of their known accounting expertise. He was familiar with the positive track record of the company, saying,

“I knew of Fine Point Consulting through some other companies I have worked with in the past. I knew they were friendly and timely with their results.”

There is a tight knit start up community in Madison, Wisconsin, Michael explained. He saw first-hand how Fine Point Consulting worked well with the local new businesses, saying, “I chose Fine Point Consulting because they were flexible with the changing needs of a startup. Being located in Madison is a huge help because if something isn’t right, they are right there to help.” Some of the issues that Fine Point has helped Breathe for Change with have included an IRS audit, as well as classifying expenses more efficiently. These and other services that Fine Point Consulting provides Breathe for Change has allowed Michael the time to participate in the activities he really enjoys… meditation, music, and dance.