Beepods is an all-in-one beekeeping supply and education company. They provide an online educational platform for beekeepers of all levels of expertise to bring awareness of the need for sustainable beekeeping practices. As the CEO of Beepods, Brad James has helped many startups get off the ground through implementing organizational strategies. Brad’s personal goal is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to get into beekeeping. He sees that to save the bees it takes more responsible, forward-thinking beekeepers to make it happen.

Five years ago, Beepods became the third company Brad operates. Because it was an acquisition and the books were in such disarray, Brad did not have the time or energy to get everything back into shape on his own. Being active in the entrepreneurial community, he was familiar with the services Fine Point Consulting offered.

Brad knew of Fine Point Consulting from their mutual involvement in the entrepreneurial community. They decided to invest in Fine Point’s services because their goal was to systematize as much as possible, “I knew from the start I would pay someone to take care of the books, and Fine Point Consulting fit the bill.”

Beepods was a company that needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. Brad approached this by leveraging local companies and talent. Brad is invested in Wisconsin because he grew up in the area and believes that it is a great place to grow businesses. Brad says he enjoys working with Fine Point Consulting because,

“Fine Point Consulting aligns with my business practice of investing in the entrepreneurial community.”