Christy is the Founder and CEO of a consulting company called Artemis Connection. She stays very busy, also serving as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Washington where she teaches several courses on entrepreneurial leadership. Her experience with three tiers of customers at Artemis Connection helps her provide students with practical applications of lessons. These customers include lower to mid-market private equity firms, foundations and mission driven organizations, and finally, bigger companies that support non-core lines of business.

Since assisting a variety of customers takes a lot of time and effort, Christy thought it would be wise to utilize an outside firm to help with the company books and her personal taxes. About a year ago, she finally decided to search out a new company to help with the burden of her personal and professional taxes and bookkeeping, and to act in a controller role for Artemis Connection. The company she had been using was based out of New York and their invoices were progressively increasing. Christy did not feel like she was getting her money’s worth, and her questions continuously remained unanswered as well. Done with the growing frustration of that situation, she set out to find a different company – one that was well experienced and highly knowledgeable with the different tax implications of having employees and customers in a variety of different states. Basically, a one-stop shop of that knowledge and experience, and the ability to act in a controller role, was what Artemis needed.

Christy asked other business owners about the services they were using, and Fine Point Consulting was suggested. Out of three different firms that she pursued and vetted, she chose to work with Fine Point because, “I asked a few business owners I know for recommendations, and from their feedback, I reached out to Fine Point. They answered all of my questions and I appreciated their responsiveness!” Fine Point also offered a less expensive service than the previous company out of New York. Artemis Connection signed on just before the COVID-19 pandemic kicked into full swing.

“This year has been an interesting one! With Fine Point on board, we were able to get our books cleaned up, and oddly enough, it looks like 2020 is going to be a really great year for us.”

Since becoming a client of Fine Point’s, Artemis Connection has seen stability and predictability with their accounting process. Christy says with relief, “Because of Fine Point, we haven’t experienced any compliance issues. We really value working with them.” When people ask her why she chose to work with a company from out of state to provide these services, she says, “The quality of work is really good - they are on top of things, responsive, and I like that there is a female owner.” Christy continued, on a more personal note, “I really appreciate Leroy! He's on top of things. He's responsive. There were a couple of things that we've had to figure out and he's been able to do so. I just have really treasured working with him and Fine Point.