Kyle LaFond is a former middle school and high school science teacher. He was amazed that his students were using so much of a popular body spray, so he investigated what they were actually spraying on their skin. “I was shocked to discover they were using such harmful chemicals, so I started showing the students how to make their own without all the harmful additives. They were the driving force behind starting my own company.” Kyle soon founded American Provenance, an all-natural personal care product line that is high quality, minimal ingredients, free of metals, petrochemicals, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.

As American Provenance’s success grew, Kyle found keeping the financial records to be increasingly complicated. He began looking for a company that could undertake these tasks for him so he could focus on the science of his products. The search yielded few results, none of which he felt comfortable with. He then heard several people recommend Fine Point Consulting. “I am a part of a lot of groups and had met Fine Point Consulting at various conferences. I heard they were a good company, so I met with them and knew they were the right company to grow with.”

When Kyle met with Fine Point Consulting, he was given assurances up front that his company would be taken care of. He says,

“I was surprised how much they worked to understand our needs and believed that they wanted to see us thrive.”

Kyle felt comfortable with Fine Point because of how they explained their process and what they would do to help American Provenance grow. “They looked at what we were doing and translated their suggestions in a way we could understand and relate to.” The growing pains began to ease, as Kyle no longer had to worry about his company’s complicated bookkeeping.

American Provenance has grown, adding a second facility powered by renewable solar energy and dedicated to reducing waste. Their products continue to be produced by hand because Kyle values human interaction in his company which is what he likes most about working with Fine Point Consulting. “The access to the folks at Fine Point Consulting is always just a text, phone call, or email away. They spend the time to know our business and don’t look at us like a piece of a puzzle.”